U.S. Customs Brokers and Logistics, Inc.
Marilin Larken, CHB CBP License #15718

FDA Consultant, FDA Specialist, Customs bonds and Marine insurance -Established in 1997



Import Services

At U.S. Customs Brokers, we understand the necessity and importance timely release of your cargo
has on the success and profitability of your organization... and the potentially devastating impact and consequences that ensue when left to chance or lack of experience. Regardless of the commodity or
mode of transportation, at U.S. Customs Brokers we're committed to giving you and your import
shipments the time, attention and connections required to expedite the process. We help you avoid the unnecessary costs associated with delays and non-compliance.

As an independently owned customs brokerage and outside logistics provider, U.S. Customs Brokers
can act as your unbiased partner who will help you identify potential problems or bottlenecks in your
 importation process and help you to resolve them accordingly. Whether its discussing classification with Customs or delivery charges with a cartage company, we are dedicated to acting as your advocate at every
stage in the importation process.

With a staff that is large enough to meet your import and export needs, and small enough to
keep business relationships on a personal basis, our aim is to generate that elusive quality
known as "Customer Satisfaction." The growth we have experienced in our half century of
existence is a testament of our ability to not just maintain that customer satisfaction but to
perform above and beyond our customers' expectations.

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